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Sanna Sleep 5

CBD: 30mg/capsule CBN: 3mg/capsule THC: 1.5mg/capsule Non-Psychoactive

Sanna Sleep is a cannabinoid softgel capsule that promotes sleep without psychoactive effects or lingering groginess. Developed by the Sanna team over the course of two years, Sanna Sleep was designed to deliver maximum sleep benefits - to help people ease into a deep and restful sleep, and to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Using specific ratios of 3 key cannabinoids - CBD, CBN, and THC - combined with a proprietary blend of sleep-positive terpenes, we've created a unique and consistent formulation that produces improvements in falling asleep and staying asleep while minimizing any heaviness upon waking. Sanna Sleep contains only the minimal quantity of THC necessary to work synergistically with the CBD and CBN to help improve sleep quality.

  • Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, Wake up refreshed
  • Non-psychoactive with a very low level of THC
  • Proprietary terpenes and a synergistic blend of isolated CBD, CBN, and THC
  • Precise, consistent, replicable formulation