Registration & Prescriptions

  • I'd like to Register! Where do I start?

    Step 1: Submit your Registration Form to us through our Registration Page here. Once we receive and confirm your registration, you will be prompted by email to Step 2 of the registration process.

    Step 2: Visit your chosen Health Care Professional to complete an initial assessment to obtain a medical cannabis prescription. Your assessment can be completed by any prescribing Health Care Professional, from your family doctor to your local cannabis clinic. Be sure to bring the NGC Medical Document with you to your appointment, and request to have NGC as your chosen provider.

    That's it! Once we receive your on-boarding documents, our team will verify your information and your prescription - this process takes 1-2 business days. Once approved, we will activate your account and notify you, so that you can login to the Northern Green Client Portal and start shopping!

    Our Client Services Team is always happy to help you through the registration process, or answer any other questions you may have about cannabis. Contact us by phone at 1-866-233-3707, or by email at

  • How do I get a Prescription?

    In order to receive a medical cannabis prescription, you must be assessed by a prescribing Health Care Professional.

    You can schedule an assessment for medical cannabis with your chosen Healthcare Professional - this could be a local cannabis clinic, or even your family physician. Bring the Northern Green Medical Document to your appointment, and be sure to request to have NGC as your chosen Licensed Producer.

    Upon approval for a medical cannabis prescription, your physician will submit your Medical Document directly to us for verification (we will notify you when we receive your Medical Document).

  • How long does it take to register?

    Once we receive all of your required on-boarding documents, our team will verify your information and your prescription - this process usually takes 1-2 business days.

    Please note: The timeline of the entire registration process largely depends on how quickly an initial assessment can be scheduled, after which your Medical Document is submitted to us.

    We are proud of making our registration process as streamlined as possible, so that patients don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to access medical cannabis. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about this process - we are constantly striving to better serve our medical cannabis clients.

  • Can I transfer my prescription to you from another Licensed Cannabis Producer?

    Transferring to NGC as your chosen Licensed Producer (LP) of medical cannabis is fairly simple. There are 2 steps you need to complete in order to access medical cannabis from Northern Green:

    Step 1: Complete and submit our Registration Form.

    Step 2: Contact your chosen Healthcare Professional to get a new prescription submitted to us (easily fill-able with our Medical Document).

    After we have received all the required paperwork, our Client Services Team should have you registered and approved within 1-2 business days.

    If you encounter any problems or issues with this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re happy to help! For assistance, please provide as much information as possible to our team by reaching out via email or by phone. We will ensure we’re readily available to help facilitate your requests!

  • Will I receive an official ID or authorization to possess my medicinal cannabis?

    Yes, once you are fully registered and approved with NGC, a registration certificate will be sent to you via email (or mail, by request to our Client Services team). This document contains all of the information you will need regarding your prescription, and will serve as proof of possession for your product.


NGC Client Accounts

  • How do I renew my prescription when it expires?

    Like other prescription medications, a patient is required to visit their prescribing Health Care Professional for a follow-up assessment to renew their medical cannabis prescription. Once we’ve received and processed your new Medical Document, we will send you a renewal email with a link to confirm your re-registration. Once you confirm your renewal information, you will be approved to shop with us once again.

  • Why does my account say it is 'inactive'?

    If your account says ‘INACTIVE’, it means that your account has some information outstanding or unverified, and you are not able to order medical cannabis until the given issue is rectified. Your account will remain ‘INACTIVE’ until the required information has been submitted and confirmed.

    You can usually find what the specific issue with your account is by navigating to your Account page within our Client Portal.

    You may also have an ‘INACTIVE’ account status if your prescription has expired without being renewed. Our Client Services team sends out periodic reminder emails to renew your prescription when you’re close to the prescription expiry date - look out for these in your inbox to ensure you don’t experience any service disruptions.

    If you are having difficulties, please contact us regarding your account status at: or 1-866-233-3707

  • Can I claim my medical cannabis on my tax return?

    Yes you can!

    Anyone with a valid prescription to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed producer qualifies for this claim. The Canada Revenue Agency allows medical cannabis to be claimed as a ‘medical expense’ deduction on your federal income taxes. Please note that only cannabis products qualify for this claim - you cannot claim costs related to accessories or growing, such as vaporizers, storage, lights, and so forth.

    Remember to keep all of your order receipts for your tax return. If you do lose your receipts, don’t worry! You will also have all of your order receipts available in your account on our Client Portal for access at any time.

  • How do I make changes to my account information?

    To make changes to your account information, such as changing your contact information or shipping address, contact our Client Services team at: or 1-866-233-3707

  • Is my account information confidential?

    Of course! All of your personal information and payment information is kept strictly confidential and is encrypted on our platform. We also use industry leaders in terms of privacy, security, and trust for our internal information storage and payment processing.


NGC Products

  • What products does NGC offer?

    Our current product offering can be seen within The Store on our website. Below the available products, be sure to check out the strains that are “In Production” for a list of upcoming strains in the near future!

    We are always identifying, producing, and testing additional strains. Looking for something in particular? Send us a message and let us know! We tailor our strain selection to our clinical research, but also customer feedback and demand.

  • How many products and strains does NGC offer?

    To view our currently available medical cannabis products, navigate to The Store. Please note: in order to see detailed product information and purchase medical cannabis, you must be a registered Northern Green medical cannabis client.

  • Is your dried flower 'full bud', 'ground', or 'milled'?

    All of our dried flower cannabis products are whole-cured full buds unless the name specifically states that the product has been milled. Further, our milled products are composed entirely of cured, whole buds and contain no ‘trim’ or ‘shake’.



  • How do I order cannabis products from NGC?

    Once you are a fully registered patient with us, you can order your desired cannabis products through our Northern Green Client Portal.

    If you would like help ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us to guide you through the process, or take your order by phone if you require.

  • Is there a limit on how much cannabis I can buy?

    Under the Cannabis Act, medical cannabis patients can order up to 150 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) at one time.

    In terms of types of cannabis products: you are not necessarily limited at all! However, if your Health Care Professional specified maximum THC or CBD levels for your prescription, or specified to only use certain types of cannabis products, products outside of these prescribed limits will not be available to you on our Client Portal.

    If there are no caveats on your prescription, you can purchase any of our available cannabis products in any combination that you desire. Please note: if you are combining different strains, or different cannabis product types (for example: dried flower and oil), there is a minimum purchase of 5 grams (or equivalent).

    As a reminder: you should always follow the advice of your prescribing healthcare professional in terms of the type, dosage, and general responsible use practices of medical cannabis for your specific condition.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, and Mastercard Debit.

  • Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?

    Unfortunately, once an order has been placed into our system, we are unable to change or cancel it.

    Please contact our Client Services team immediately if you have an issue with your order and we will work with you to rectify the situation as best we can.



  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    Shipping rates depend on your location, and on the shipping provider you choose for your order. However, Northern Green offers free shipping on all orders over $100.

  • What shipping options do you offer?

    Northern Green currently offers delivery through Canada Post. We currently are operating exclusively in Ontario, with plans to expand to other provinces soon.

    Canada Post:
    Xpresspost (1-2 business days)
    Regular Parcel (1-3 business days)

  • Can I track my package?

    Once your package is shipped from our facility, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Click the link in your order confirmation email to track your package all the way to your doorstep.

  • What happens if I am not home to receive my package?

    For Purolator and Canada Post deliveries, if no one is home to sign for the package, a delivery slip will be left. The package will then be taken to the carrier’s nearest depot. Refer to this slip for the date of pickup and location of your package.

    Please note that if your package is left too long at the depot (usually 2 weeks), it will be sent back to our facility to be destroyed. At this point, no refund will be issued.


About NGC

  • What licenses/health certifications does NGC hold?

    NGC is federally licensed under the Cannabis Act, issued by Health Canada, to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes

    The common term ‘LP’ stands for ‘Licensed Producer’, which essentially means that NGC is licensed to produce cannabis in some capacity, along with other Canadian LPs

    However, not all LPs are equal - some are only licensed for some part of the process. For example, some LPs are only licensed to cultivate, and send their raw cannabis product to a different LP for processing, and then yet another to sell the finished cannabis products. NGC is licensed fully licensed under the Cannabis Act to cultivate, process, and sell our cannabis products

    This way, we have full control over the entire process, so you can trust that NGC cannabis products are going to be of the highest quality without external interference.

  • Are NGC products organic?

    Northern Green products are not currently officially certified as organic. However, our facility and grow-practices are of the highest quality found in the industry, and we take great pride in our ability to grow the best-quality cannabis without the need for chemical pesticides or irradiation.

  • Does NGC have GMP certification?

    The Northern Green team is EU-GMP certified, one of only a handful of LPs with this certification in Canada. For more information on GMP: See Health Canada's info-page on GMP.

  • How is your dried flower packaged?

    Our team hand-packs every single package that leaves our facility. This is done to ensure that every package matches the advertised weight, and that the buds are distributed in a way that ensures every package contains the best possible product.


Using Medicinal Cannabis

  • What is medical cannabis and how does it work?

    For questions related to the use of medical cannabis, please refer to the articles on our blog tagged as 'Using Medicinal Cannabis', or 'Beginners Guide'.

  • How do I use your medicinal cannabis products?

    Dried flower cannabis is commonly smoked or vaporized

    Combustion (Smoking) is a popular method of consuming dried flower, and is fast-acting. However, smoking dried flower can feel harsher than other options

    Vaporizing is achieved by heating the dried flower to a temperature that is below the point of combustion, but still hot enough to vaporize the cannabinoids in order to be inhaled. This is seen as a 'cleaner' and 'less harsh' alternative to smoking

    For more information on cannabis, please visit the Northern Green Canada Blog. We constantly update our blog with articles on Cannabis Culture, Health, Products, Cannabis Basics, and new Research and Science updates in the medical cannabis industry.

  • How do I dose my medicinal cannabis?

    Always refer to your healthcare professional for dosing information and medical advice in general.

Safety & Health Canada Regulations

  • How do I legally carry my medical cannabis products?

    Taken directly from the Health Canada guidelines for medical cannabis possession:

    “You should carry a copy of your registration certificate, which is proof that you can possess or produce a limited amount of cannabis for medical purposes. You will need to show this if police or law enforcement representatives ask you for proof

    You are allowed to possess up to a 30-day supply of dried marijuana, or its equivalent. Your maximum amount is based on the lower amount of what your health care practitioner has recommended, or 150 grams.”

    We will send you your Certificate of Registration by email when you are first approved as an NGC client, and for every subsequent prescription renewal. You can also access this document at any time by contacting our Client Services team.

  • How much cannabis am I allowed to possess in public?

    Under the Cannabis Act, medical cannabis patients are allowed to possess a 30-day supply, up to 150 grams (or equivalent), at one time

    Medicinal cannabis patients must be prepared to show that they are legally allowed to possess more than the regular 30 grams (or equivalent) allowed to all legal-age Canadians if requested by law enforcement. This can be done by showing a Certificate of Registration issued by NGC upon your registration and/or prescription renewal. You can access this document at any time by contacting our Client Services team.

  • Can I consume alcohol while taking cannabis?

    We do not recommend consuming any alcohol while using medical cannabis.

  • Can I use cannabis with my other medications?

    This depends entirely on the medication and the user. Always consult with your health care practitioner if you are taking other medications while taking medical cannabis, or cannabis for recreational purposes.

  • Does cannabis have any side effects?

    Patients generally tolerate medical cannabis well, as long as they abide by their Healthcare Professional’s prescriptive advice

    A low dosage often provides satisfactory relief, allowing side effects to occur infrequently. When side effects do occur, it is usually the result of a high dosage, fast titration (quick increase in dosage) or combined use with a substance such as alcohol that intensifies the effects

    Known side-effects of medicinal cannabis are dry-mouth, mood-alterations, insomnia, a faster, increased heartbeat and fatigue. Other effects include relaxation, fits of laughter, hunger, and heightened sensitivity to the perception of colour and sound

    Patients may also experience slower reaction time and lower awareness, particularly during the first few hours of use. For more information, please review the Health Canada consumer information on cannabis here and here

    Should you experience any unexpected side effects while taking cannabis for medical purposes, stop consuming cannabis immediately and contact your chosen Healthcare Professional, or go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital if side-effects are serious.

  • Can I drive if I am taking cannabis?

    No. It is against the law to get behind the wheel while impaired to any degree by drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both. Even if you are a prescribed medical cannabis client, you do not get an exemption to drive while under the influence of cannabis

    For more information, see the Government of Canada’s page on drug-impaired driving here.

  • Can I travel with my medical cannabis?

    Domestic travel (within Canada) with cannabis is allowed, within Canada's legal limits and regulations. International travel with cannabis is not legal

    Our tips for a safe and easy journey:
    - Keep your medical cannabis in an odour-free container, in your carry-on
    - Always bring your documentation and keep it on-hand
    - For flights, liquids (oils) must still be under 100mL (same requirements as all liquids on flights)
    - You must always stay within your carrying limit