Our Story

We are a company founded in friendship

Her name was Ann. And it was the debilitating impact of chemotherapy in her fight against small cell lung cancer that led friends and Northern Green Canada founders, Lisa and Mary, to help Ann investigate alternative treatments. Their search led them to discover cannabis oils as a remedy for the profound nausea afflicting their best friend.

...and inspired by discovery

This discovery changed the way Lisa and Mary thought about cannabis. It sparked their impassioned drive to create a company dedicated to helping others through the use and innovation of medical cannabis; to start Northern Green Canada, a company founded on compassion and friendship.

At Northern Green Canada, We Put You And Your Health First

Northern Green Canada has built a highly controlled, pesticide-free, state-of-the-art hydroponic facility, where our expert grow team cultivates cannabis strains that are industry-leading in quality and consistency.

Anchored by our grow team’s 40 plus years of collective experience, our hydroponic process in which we control all aspects of the environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, nutrients – enables us to cultivate pharma grade medical cannabis of exceptional quality.

We support our patients, always. Our patient support and customer service personnel provide knowledgeable and friendly advice and guidance. Our focus is on you and your well-being.

Looking After You

Dedicated Client Support

We support our patients, always. Our Client Services team is committed to premium, holistic care medical support for our registered clients.

We Put Patients First

Everything our team does is done with the patient in mind first and foremost - to bring Canadians expertly crafted medicinal cannabis products they can trust.

NGC Quality Promise

Our grow teams and partners are dedicated to cultivating pharma grade medical cannabis products of exceptional quality.

Explore NGC Medicinal Cannabis

Discover NGC's collection of medicinal cannabis products - featuring NGC's hydroponically-grown dried flower, CBD and THC oils, full-spectrum vaporizers, and more.

Northern Green Cares

We Support Our Patients

You can rest assured - at NGC we develop medicinal cannabis products backed by research from a wide range of scientists, doctors, and a network of cultivation experts, both domestic and international. Our team fosters a client-centred care approach - what you value is what we care about.

NGC's Client Services Team is available to answer any questions you have, and assist you along the path to improving your quality of life. We believe in reaching beyond common service standards, and as such, we have a dedicated team committed to premium, holistic support for our registered clients.

For Our Healthcare Partners

Resources for Healthcare Partners

We simplify the process for you and your patients, while helping you make important decisions to ensure the best care.

Once a patient is prescribed medical cannabis, it’s essential that patients can quickly and efficiently get access to their treatment. NGC is dedicated to working closely with our Healthcare Partners to ensure that this process is as smooth and effortless as possible for every single patient.

Access resources and information to help them with this process below:

NGC patient support programs

Veteran’s Coverage & Compassionate Pricing

At NGC, everything we do is in support of our patients. We believe that the therapeutic potential and power of medicinal cannabis should be available to all patients who require it. That's why we are proud to offer discount and pricing programs that improve affordability and access to medicinal cannabis.