Insurance Coverage for Medicinal Cannabis

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to claim your order under insurance however, you will have to check with your insurance provider. Northern Green Canada does not bill directly to insurance companies. You will have to submit a claim yourself after you place your order.

Check our quick guide to Canadian Insurance coverage for Medicinal Cannabis below, or feel free, as always, to contact our Client Services team for further assistance with your insurance.

Quick Guide to Insurance Coverage for Medicinal Cannabis
Or Contact our Client Services team for assistance on your claims

How to Get Started

In order to purchase medical cannabis from Northern Green Canada, Health Canada requires patients to (1) Sign up with NGC, and (2) Have a valid prescription. Don't worry, registering is quick and easy!

Step 1:
Sign Up with NGC

Quickly and easily register with us by clicking the button below. Our Registration Form takes about 1-2 minutes to complete.

Once you’ve submitted your registration, you will receive instructions within minutes on your next steps to obtaining a prescription for medical cannabis.

Step 2:
Get Your Prescription

Book a visit with your chosen Healthcare Professional (HCP) for an assessment to obtain a medical cannabis prescription. This can be any prescribing HCP, from your family doctor to your local cannabis clinic! Book your assessment today and gain access to NGC medicinal cannabis within 24 hours.