Tue, Aug 02, 2022

Why Should I Choose Medical Cannabis?

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We've heard this question from a few customers lately, and it's a valid one! If you can access cannabis through the recreational market, what are the benefits of becoming a medical cannabis client? Well, as it turns out, there are actually several major benefits to becoming a medical cannabis client if you're seeking to use cannabis for medical purposes.

See our Top 5 Benefits of medical cannabis below:

1. Personalized & Specific Medical Guidance

Northern Green Canada will always be available to offer Product Guidance, Prescription Management, and more to our medical clients. NGC is also creating proprietary medical cannabis products to target specific medical issues - taking the guesswork out of your treatment.

2. Increased Carry & Usage Allowances

Medical clients receive exemptions for public carry and domestic flights. With valid documentation, medical cannabis clients may carry their full prescription in public (up to 150g), as well as on domestic flights. Recreational users are only allowed to carry 30gs at any time

3. Dedicated Product Inventory

NGC has a dedicated product inventory for medical clients - so you can rest assured that your desired product will be available for you when you’re ready to order. No more waiting for re-stocks at your provincial distributor/retailer! In all aspects of our business, our medical clients always come first.

4. Tax Deductible

The CRA allows medical cannabis to be claimed as a ‘medical expense’ deduction on your federal income taxes. Medical expenses are claimed on line 330 or line 331 of Schedule 1, Federal Tax, of your return (depending on your circumstance). See the CRA's guide to Medical Expenses for more information.

5. Insurance Coverage

There are a growing number of insurance companies offering coverage for medical cannabis in certain insurance plans. Check with your provider and plan to see if you qualify for medical cannabis coverage.

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Try Medicinal Cannabis with Northern Green Canada

How Can I Try Medicinal Cannabis?

In order to access NGC medicinal cannabis, Health Canada requires patients to (1) Sign Up with NGC, and (2) have a valid prescription. The first step takes 1-2 minutes - once you are registered with us, we can assist you in booking a visit with your chosen Healthcare Professional to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis.