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Using medical cannabis

Cannabis School

For questions related to the use of medical cannabis, please refer to the Cannabis School section of our website


I’d like to register, where do I start?

Registration is quick and easy. Click Here for the necessary documents and detailed instructions.

How long does it take for my registration to become active?

Once your completed forms are received, we review them and if necessary, we may contact you to confirm some of your information. Once you are registered as a patient and your medical document has been validated, we will send a confirmation email. This process can take anywhere from a couple of  days to a couple of weeks.


How do I dose cannabis extracts?

Each bottle of cannabis oil comes with its own dropper marked with dose amounts in milliliters (ml). Squeeze the measured amount under your tongue and let the oil rest there for 30-60. In terms of amount, we strongly recommend the start low, go slow approach. Start with a dose of 0.25 ml. Give it 30 to 60 minutes to feel the full effect. Track how well this worked. Wait 24 hours before increasing the dose and do so in small increments.

Can I ‘vape’ extracts?

No. Unfortunately the unique formulation is meant only for oral ingestion. Do not use Northern Green Canada extracts either in a vape-pen or vaporizer.

How much do oils count against my monthly allowance?

We have adopted an easy-to-use equivalence factor of 5 to 1. Quite simply, this means that each 40 ml bottle of Northern Green Canada cannabis oil counts as 10 grams of your monthly allowance as prescribed by your Health Care Practitioner.

Can I travel with my medication?

Travel within Canada is permitted so long as you produce your documentation if asked. International travel including to the United States is prohibited. Even if you are flying directly to a state in which cannabis is legal, Federal rules apply while you are in transit and as such you must leave your cannabis at home.


Can I purchase different varieties at one time?

Yes, you may purchase different varieties in one order. Many new patients will order more than one strain in order to see which works more effectively to alleviate the symptoms they are treating.

How much cannabis can I buy?

The prescription from your doctor sets the amount of how much medical cannabis you can order per month. You can order to that limit so long as it does not exceed the Health Canada restriction of no more than 150 grams in any single order.

Do you charge sales taxes?

We charge sales taxes based on your respective province of residence.

How do you ship the product?

In most cases, we ship via Canada Post Xpresspost. A signature from an individual over the age of 18 is required upon delivery. You can have your order delivered to your home, your Doctor’s office, or to your nearest Canada Post location.
A second option is to ship via Purolator. This incurs an additional charge. When you place an order, you will be given the options of how you’d like your order shipped.

Does my insurance cover my cannabis?

A growing list of insurance plans cover medical cannabis and suggest contracting your insurance company to obtain up-to-date information or ask if they will cover it. Cannabis is covered, by law, under Healthcare Spending Accounts (HCSA) and is also tax deductible.

Can I claim my medical cannabis on my income tax return?

You can claim medical cannabis expenses on your income taxes. Under line 330 – Medical expenses for self, spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children born in 1997 or later – claim your sales receipts there.

Will you have any compassionate pricing or discounts?

Yes. Northern Green Canada offers compassionate pricing. Use the contact form to inquire about the details. A Northern Green Canada medical assistant will reach out to take you through the process. Generally speaking, to qualify though, you will need to show one of two documents:
1) Proof of participation in a federal or provincial disability program
2) Proof of Low Income Status (notice of assessment from last year showing total income <$24,000).

What can you do to help veterans?

A comprehensive reimbursement policy covering cannabis for medical purposes has been set up by Veterans Affairs Canada to ease the potential financial worry using cannabis may cause. The policy covers up to a maximum of three grams per day (90 grams a month) of dried flower, or its equivalent in fresh cannabis or cannabis oil.  To access this aid, veterans must no longer be active service members and must be eligible for coverage from VAC with an authorized K number. Northern Green Canada can help you navigate the process with VAC helping to ensure you submit the required documents, and that you have coverage and setting up direct billing.

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