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  • What is medical cannabis for?

    Your health care practitioner may authorize cannabis use to treat the symptoms of a wide variety of ailments and conditions from pain and muscle spasm to anxiety and inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • What are THC and CBD?

    THC and CBD are the two main active ingredients in cannabis. THC causes the primary psychoactive effect. CBD, lacks any psychoactive effect. They both play a role in the medical efficacy of cannabis.

  • Medical vs. recreational? Are there differences?

    There is no real difference in the basic plant. However, there are differences in the types of strains that are used for therapeutic medical purposes relative to those popular for recreational use.

  • Is medical cannabis safe?

    The short answer is yes. Of course, Medical Cannabis should be used only under the direction of a healthcare professional. Further, over use of cannabis products can involve risks to health.

  • How do I use your products?

    Cannabis is primarily used by one of two ways: inhaled cannabis – you begin to immediately experience psychoactive effects. Ingested cannabis can take from 30 minutes to three hours to work.

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