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Using Medical Cannabis Responsibly

By Rob Tait

When it comes to medical cannabis, here are some tips to get you started on the right track

So, you’re about to try out your first order of medical cannabis. Your path to this point is a common one. It likely included lots of procrastination about getting your prescription and then even more trepidation about what strain to order first. The fact that the efficacy of your new medicine will often rely on a certain amount of trial and error regarding strains and dosing can make that first time even more stress inducing.

But here you are. Ready to roll (pun intended) or vape or ingest, depending on how you plan on administering your prescription. So, what should you think about that first time? Really, the best idea is to have a plan. Plan the when, the where and if appropriate, who might be around.

The rule of thumb with cannabis is to start low and go slow. That means starting with a small amount. Given that you’re unsure of the effects, especially if your prescription calls for a strain high in THC, pick a time in which you have nothing planned such as a quiet evening at home – which also covers off the where. Being in a place you know and are comfortable is a good place to be. It’s also a good idea to have another adult around – family or trusted friend – just in case you have any kind of adverse reaction such as increased paranoia, even though those types of reactions are quite rare.

It’s important, also, to remember that like other medicines, cannabis has different effects on different people, so you should treat it as you would other medicines, don’t share it with others and always keep safely away from children.

Furthermore, regarding children, medical cannabis is only prescribed to them in the case of especially rare medical conditions. So adult patients should never administer medical cannabis to children and always be diligent to store it in place inaccessible to curious youngsters. It’s also worth noting that pets can also be harmed should they inadvertently ingest cannabis.

In addition to finding a secure locale in which to keep your prescription, it’s also important to store in an airtight container that will help maintain its potency. In the case of dried flower, it’s also best kept out of direct light.

Remember, responsible use depends on following your doctor’s recommendations to ensure you do not overuse your medication. Take just enough for it to be effective, but no more. Taken with care and an eye to responsible use, your medical cannabis can be a real boon to helping you deal with your medical condition.

Written by: Rob Tait

Rob Tait is a Toronto based writer. His penchant for a uniquely honed turn of phrase has won him awards in editorial, interactive, advertising and screenwriting.

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